T520 10W Fast Stand Wireless Charger


Product Description

【2 Charge Modes】Works with Qi-enabled devices. (1)FAST CHARGE Mode ONLY available for the Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus, Note 8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7, and S7 Edge. (2)Standard Charge Model(Output 5W Max) for other standard QI enabled device like iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung S6, S6 Edge.
【FAST Wireless Charger】Up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging pad, super high efficiency and save your time. Charges your phone up decently and not having to plug in and out each time! Also, it doubles as an upright stand for your phone whilst charging.
【Twin Coil Charger】As long as your phone sits on the cradle properly it will charge, it is NOT as irritating as some of the expensive chargers out there that you have to align it properly to get it to start charging. The much wider charging area allows you to place your phone in a free position.
【Sleep-Friendly LED Indicator】Soft LED lights to indicate charging status but dim enough at night, it's barely noticeable which ensures No beep, No annoying lights even next to the bed while charging. If you want to charge your phone overnight you will find when it reaches full it will switch off.
【Safe Charging】It's normal for the pad and phone get warm slightly during charging, but the Temperature Control ensures safe charging and improves the life of your phone! Overcurrent/voltage protection, short-circuit protection and foreign body detection, never overcharges your battery or wastes energy. The PHONE CASES is suggested to be REMOVED while charging.

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